May 8, 2017

Dear Fellow Cyclists,

The 2017 Democratic Primary Caucus has almost arrived! Over the next week, Arlington voters will pick their Democratic Party candidate for the County Board. You can vote this Tuesday, Thursday or Saturday - see below for details.

We are residents of Arlington. We ride bikes. We support Erik Gutshall for County Board.

Erik has a vision for Arlington as a place where riding a bike is a safe and comfortable transportation choice for everyone who wants to bike. Erik supports adopting a Vision Zero plan for Arlington, which calls for Arlington to eliminate death and serious injury from our roads through efforts to improve road design, education and policing. Erik supports Safe Routes to Schools, the program that encourages students to bike and walk to school, and he wants to see it expanded. Erik wants to see our police officers more engaged with the cycling community and utilizing bike patrols. And Erik wants to see Arlington earn the status of Gold Level Bicycle Friendly Community.

Arlington used to be a leader among local jurisdictions when it comes to supporting people who bicycle. Now neighboring jurisdictions are surpassing us in funding, facilities, maintenance and support. Erik wants to reestablish Arlington as a leader, and knows that we have the staff and resources to do it, if Arlington County's political leadership has the will.

Erik recognizes that cycling is a fundamental part of our transportation network and should be treated as such. He recognizes that enabling more people to feel safe and comfortable biking is essential to moving more and more people as Arlington grows. You can read more about Erik's position on cycling in Arlington here.

We ask you to join us in supporting Erik Gutshall for County Board in the Democratic primary this week (Tuesday, Thursday or Saturday) and again in November. Turnout in the primary is even more important than usual. There are 3 optional dates for voting in the Democratic Caucus:

  • May 9 (Tues.), Key Elementary School, 7-9pm
  • May 11 (Thurs.), Drew Elementary School, 7-9pm
  • May 13 (Sat.), Washington-Lee High School, 11am-7pm

Democrats have adopted Instant Run-Off Voting. You can rank the candidates, and the winner is not determined until he or she gets 50% of the votes. The whole process takes only 15 minutes. For more information, visit here.

Help Erik win by making certain that all of his supporters turn out to vote in the Democratic Caucus.

Please share this message with your family, friends, neighbors - especially those that care about cycling.

Working together we can help Erik win this week!


Mark Blacknell
Gillian Burgess
Ed Fendley
Christopher Forinash
Eric Goodman
Megan Jones
Elizabeth Preston Kiker
Jason Kiker
Grant Mandsager
Chris Slatt
Randy Swart